June 10, 2023
American Nautical Services

What you need to know about American Nautical Services?

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Hours of operation

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, American Nautical Services is a veteran owned company that has been in business for the better part of 45 years. The company offers a bevy of nautical related services including, but not limited to, marine surveying and heavy equipment manufacturing. They have also got a pretty impressive line of charts and navigational devices to boot. In fact, the company is generating more than $2 million in annual revenues. They have been in business so long that it is a given that they have the best of the best at hand. They are currently operating with a staff of eight in their fabled Fort Lauderdale headquarters.

The company has been tasked with the gargantuan task of compiling nautical charts and navigational tools for the marine industry. The company also offers training courses on a number of topics ranging from navigation to boat repair. They even have a nautical oriented calendar that shows you what’s coming and going.

Training courses

Founded in 1947, the American Nautical Services (ANS) is a marine surveying company that has expanded to offer license preparation classes for captains of commercial vessels and nautical chart agents for the U.S. government. In 1983, the company became a family-owned business and moved from the port of Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now, the business is managed by three generations of the Hays family.

ANS offers courses in Marine Engineering (MENG) and Energy Systems Engineering (ESEN). Both programs prepare graduates for careers in power generation, distribution of energy, and associated shoreside industries. The courses also focus on environmental health and safety issues. Those who complete these programs can work in the maritime industry, in the private or public sector, or for the government.

ANS also offers a variety of training courses for ship owners and ship managers. The ABS Academy, which was created to meet the needs of shipowners and ship managers, features best practice applications in operations and design. The company also maintains an active Cell Phone Policy, requiring students to turn their cell phones off during class and simulator exercises. The company plans one break per hour for almost all courses.

Digital navigation

Considering the expansion of the maritime and aircraft industries, the global demand for electronic navigation charts is expected to increase. In addition to improving navigation, smart software promotes better monitoring and fleet optimization. There are a number of free chart databases worldwide. Some countries have even made their hydrographic data freely available. The UK Hydrographic Office is mandated to deliver public services to the public at no cost to the British taxpayer.

Using Digital Nautical Chart, navigators can model real-world features in digital geographic databases. This allows them to create a more efficient passage planning experience. The database includes features such as Port Facilities, Data Quality, Earth Cover, Hydrography, and Obstructions.

The database is composed of over 5,000 charts of varying scales. These include charts for the US, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. A few countries, such as the UK, have not yet released their data free of charge. However, the US charts are available for free.

There are also lists of radio signals and lights available from government authorities. These are important in communication and passage planning. For example, the United States Coast Guard Light List provides lists of radiobeacons, daybeacons, and other lighted navigation aids.

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