March 22, 2023

Based on such factors as location, design, application and use, building materials, and more, each Built-Environment Project is unique. The uniqueness of a project is enhanced by the involvement of all project stakeholders, including builders, architects, consultants, and contractors. A project’s uniqueness can be enhanced by involving all stakeholders, including architects, builders, consultants, and contractors. In a green habitat project, the task becomes more complex if the objectives and needs are geared towards environmental sustainability. By integrating sustainable performance with other project objectives of all stakeholders, a consultant with a dedicated focus on sustainability addresses the unique needs of a specific project. For more information, visit the very beginning of a typical project till the very end, sustainability consultants are a key player in the creation and maintenance of the Green Quotient. To put it simply, Conserve Consultants’ role is to assist the team in developing buildings with features that benefit both the end-users and owners. Sustainability must be achieved within the budgeted project cost and timeline above all else. 

To obtain a green building certification, why is this necessary?

In a way, green building has always been a part of the construction industry, though rarely explicitly promoted. It has become more evident due to the fact that individuals and institutions are becoming more aware of the effects of environmental neglect. As construction activities have grown exponentially, an inclination toward sustainability has emerged due to competing demands for high performance and efficiency. Furthermore, Governments and Civic Authorities are also providing incentives to buildings that use fewer resources, thereby facilitating sustainable growth.

What makes a green building more effective than others?

The four pillars of Sustainable Design are another component of Green Building Consultants’ guiding principles. They integrate all aspects of stakeholders’ performance to achieve their goal holistically. When compared with the western context, the Indian construction industry is relatively unaware of Green Building Concepts and Consultants despite all of the niche value addition.

How soon should green building consultants be hired?

It is important for a green building consultant to have both theoretical and practical knowledge as it pertains to all aspects of a project, whether it is architecture, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering or public health engineering. By staying relevant to the sector we serve, we see ourselves as Built-Environment Consultants who integrate innovative building technologies. With our core-technical skills and industry-specific expertise, we are able to stay updated with the green building movement and to address client needs empathically.

Moreover, one should be capable of developing a business case that makes the project economically viable. Moreover, one should be capable of developing a business case that makes the project economically viable. To ensure that a project owner can position their project in a way that makes it attractive to their target audience, one should also possess marketing and communication expertise.

We raise the sustainability quotient at each stage of the project life cycle by liaising with owners, architects, MEP consultants, contractors, and of course tenants and occupants of the building. At Conserve Consultants, we raise the sustainability quotient at every stage of the project life cycle through liaising with owners; architects, MEP consultants, contractors, and finally tenants and occupants.

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