March 22, 2023

The growing need for choosing the right photoshop drawing tablet has led to a steady flow of diverse tablets in marketing. There is simply no denying the importance of the right photoshop drawing tablet.

However, before you choose any drawing tablet, you need to understand the importance of choosing the right photoshop drawing tablet. Below, are the pointers that you need to focus on.

Choosing the Right Type of Tablet

Graphics tablets are different in comparison to iPads. Although, you do have the option of using your iPad as a graphic tablet for Microsoft Surface Pro or Mac.

There are computers, where graphic tablets act as the peripherals for it. In case, you already are using a graphic tablet, you don’t need another one. However, you might have to buy if you are just joining the world of digital art.

Much Easier Moto Control

Graphics tablet offers many advantages over the traditional trackpad or mouse, one of them being the ease of control. Sketching with a tablet becomes extremely easy and convenient as you have greater control over the brush, its weight, size, and opacity.

Also, with a pen, it is way faster to sketch instead of using a mouse. Also, pens make it easier to work with natural flowing lines, it allows more freedom to draw accurate circles. It also offers the ability to accurately trace the outline of the models.

Cutting backgrounds is also easy with the right photoshop drawing tablet. The objective here is that the tablet replicates the exact feel of the pen and the paper.

Dynamic Controls

Accurate tracing and drawing freedom are not the only things graphic tablets offer. On the contrary, most modern, and sophisticated drawing tablets also offer pressure sensitivity along with title sensitivity.

This means that photoshop will be able to differentiate between heave-handed marks and light sketched lines. However, you have the facility to customize these settings in photoshop as you like them to be.

Most artists would go enable settings where lighter pressure results in less opaque, softer, and thinner lines. On the other hand, firmer pressure would lead to darker, harder and thicker lines.

Title sensitivity is another feature that you can control. It is highly effective when you use a shaped brush as this offers the facility of controlling the brush angle by rotating the stylus.

To ensure maximum productivity from a photoshop drawing tablet, you need to configure it app-by-app and tool- by-tool basis. If you have all the drivers and the software required, here is how you can set pressure-controlled brushes in Photoshop.

  • Launch Photoshop, and open the brush tool.
  • Go to windows > Brush Settings, or go to Toolbar and Brush Setting icon.
  • Brush Panel is a place where you control all the settings of a brush.
  • There are several options that you can change here, we will just explain how to create a small, round soft, brush. The brush would have low opacity but would have bigger and darker strokes once your press hard.

Look for the Brush Tip Shape and then choose Hardness to 0 percent. Next, you need to look for Spacing and make that 1 percent. The size of the brush should be around 45 px. These settings would provide you nice, medium-sized soft brush.

To decrease the size of the brush, you have to head to Shape Dynamics, look for Size Jitter Control and set it to Pen Pressure. Also, set a minimum diameter to ensure that the brush doesn’t get very small.

To make the brush lighter, set Opacity Jitter Control to Pen Pressure under Transfer.

Efficient Workflow

With a photoshop drawing tablet, you can do a lot of things including painting or drawing. Below are some effective combinations.

Buttons on the Stylus

Use the keyword modifiers and quickly undo actions.

HotKey Customization

You can configure these for keyboard shortcuts, actions, and tools that you use the most.

Control Slider or Ring

You can quickly adjust the opacity, size, rotations, flow, and much more.

Touch Gestures

To pan or zoom.

Take Away

If your photoshop drawing tablet is well-configured you hardly need to dive into a submenu or touch the keyboard. Your use of a trackpad and mouse is also limited and you will not have to worry about much.

By keeping everything within your reach, you will be able to work faster and in a more efficient manner. So, regardless, of the tablet that you buy today, make sure that you fully customize it to enjoy the ease that it tends to offer!

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