March 22, 2023

SEO rankings are vital. How you rank determines your position in Internet search rankings, which directly impacts how many people see your content and access your website. If you’re not quite where you want to be in search results, the following are just a few ways to help you learn how to improve SEO ranking.

Optimize Current Content

Your content is one of the most important aspects of your SEO. It not only draws in your visitors but also tells Google where you should rank in search results.

It’s important to optimize the content you already have on your website. You can do this by making sure that your content is helpful and well-written. If you have spelling and grammatical errors, it can impact your rankings.

Some other things to optimize include:

  • Title tag – Be sure that your title tag is 55 characters or under and that it contains your keyword.
  • Meta description – Your meta description needs to do two important things: clarify what your content is about and have a call to action.
  • Images – Images are important for SEO, but they need to be resized, have alt tags, have an optimized title, and should be unique.

Publish Fresh Valuable Content

Good SEO rankings also require fresh content, but this should not be done haphazardly. You want to be sure that the content is relevant to your target market, and it needs to provide value to your reader.

Part of your SEO revolves around the number of visits to your website and how long people stay there. This means that you need to create content that educates and informs your target market on topics they are already searching for. In doing so, you’ll show up in their search results and have a higher chance of them visiting and staying on your site.

As with your current content, it’s important that you optimize your new content. It’s also important to provide this content on a constant basis. This might mean posting a specific number of times per week or month. The important thing is picking a schedule that you can stick to.

Pay Attention to Page Loading Speed

In a time where everything is available at the click of a button, your page loading speed is a vital component. If it takes too long for your page to load, your visitors are likely to leave your site nearly immediately for a faster loading page.

Additionally, Google takes your page loading speed into account, meaning long load times can impact your SEO rankings. As there are many things that can affect your speed, it can be incredibly beneficial to get help in this area.

Use Keywords Strategically

Keywords are important, as they ensure you show up in front of the audience you are targeting. However, you need to make sure you’ve used them properly.

Overusing keywords – or keyword stuffing, as it’s called – can hurt your rankings, so use them but don’t overdo it. And you need to be sure that they are relevant to your content and your target market.

Also, they need to be natural. When you do your keyword research, you’ll likely find keywords and phrases that look something like “women leggings New York.” That doesn’t sound natural at all, and using it as-is can be awkward. It’s okay – and beneficial – to modify those keywords. For instance, instead of “women leggings New York,” adjust it to “women’s leggings in New York.”

Improving your search ranking doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be somewhat time-consuming, especially if you’re uncertain of what moves to make. For many online businesses, outsourcing this task is well worth the investment.

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